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Twitter to Skype Mood Message using Twype

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“Twype allows you to grab tweets from *any* Twitter account (there’s no
authentication) and lets you publish that stream as Skype mood
messages. Twype only works from Skype for Windows PCs.”


A new Skype add-on named Twype was just released by its developer Julian Bond. I’m very excited about it because it offers tremendous opportunities and because it fulfills a desire I’ve felt for years ever since I started using Skype. Let me explain what Twype does with a mix of screenshots and text:


Nothing special so far. To have this tweet and all my subsequent ones appear on my Skype mood message, I installed Twype using the direct download URL. Note that Twype will only run from Windows PCs and that you’ll need to put it in your start-up folder to make it run every time you use Skype.

After installing Twype, Skype will prompt you to confirm that you approve the Twype add-on:


After you approve Skype’s request, you’ll see this screen:


Type in your Twitter user ID and press “Get Tweet Now”. With my own ID I get this:


In this screenshot you can clearly see that Twype also appends the time stamp of the most recent tweet to your mood message. Now, feel free to minimize this panel, because during this Skype session, Twype will grab your tweets every five minutes.


You can find Julian’s original announcement from today on his blog Voidstar in the post Announcing Twype.exe.

Posting your life stream on Skype
If you do some quick thinking about the other Twitter tools that are already available, then Twype finally lets you post your life stream to your Skype mood message. What you’re doing, where your attention goes, where you are travelling, can now all be posted to your Skype mood message. The steps you need to take are:

  1. Create a life stream feed (tons of tools for that, Ziki comes to my mind first)
  2. Create a new Twitter account
  3. Authenticate with the credentials of your new Twitter account on Twitterfeed
  4. Provide Twype with your Twitter account name

Robert Sanzalone from the pacificIT Skype chat room created a digg for Julian’s post, which I kindly welcome you to support:

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October 13th, 2007 at 8:47 pm

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