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Welcome! I’m Marjolein Hoekstra from The Netherlands. Thank you for checking out my profile.

I don’t publish that frequently anymore, unfortunately, due to a persistent lack of focus and concentration. When I do write, however, it’s usually from a technical point of view about stuff that makes life easier, or more fun. I tend to do lots of research before I write things down and I very much like sharing what I’ve discovered.

Please feel free to have a look around and tell me what you think.


Contact info

I’m very open to constructive feedback and I kindly welcome discussion.

You can reach me through the Contact page



My interests are actually quite diverse, but do boil down to these main categories:

  • Learning to speak foreign languages in effective ways (Leitner flashcards)
  • Content curation, news filtering (RSS tools, dynamic OPML), mashing up technologies
  • Browser add-ons, scripts and the productivity they bring
  • MS OneNote 2013 – the wonderful digital notebook  that makes all of my research notes easily accessible, many thousands of them. It even allows cross-linking between notes, a crucial feature for me.
  • Community management
  • Communication skills, more in particular with regard to raising and educating children
  • Social media and tech news
  • iPhone push notifications, jailbreaking, iPad, the wonders of eBooks and exploring cool apps;
  • Gadgets, electronics, binary clocks, smartphones
  • Listening to music and making music myself – using ICT to enhance the experience (think music theory software, digital sheet music, Sibelius, virtual-piano modelling software); one day I hope to own a Yamaha AvantGrand N3 digital grand piano.
  • QR codes and their underestimated potential
  • Exploring far-away places, both in real life and virtually
  • Learning new skills
  • Making new friends and exchanging ideas
  • Health: academic research into the effect of food supplements and into the diseases that are caused by nutrient deficiencies
  • Electric mobility, green technology, energy preservation
  • Other little things. Ask me.


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