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IFTTT Launches Inoreader Channel

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Big news: IFTTT has just opened the Inoreader Channel to the public. Anyone can now create and share IFTTT Recipes based on Triggers and Actions in Inoreader.



The Inoreader Channel on IFTTT is now live.



What is Inoreader?

Inoreader is a web-based content reader created by Innologica, a software development company from Bulgaria. Inoreader has been available since 2013. Feature-wise, Inoreader goes far beyond the basic functionality of typical RSS readers. What makes Inoreader stand out is the steady pace at which the development team has been adding powerful features, such as:

  • Folder export – export your feeds, tags, likes, stars, Active Searches and Saved Web Pages as RSS feed and HTML Clip. An example of an Inoreader HTML Clip is at the bottom of this blog post. It will show a dynamically updated list of blog posts covering the announcement of IFTTT’s new Inoreader channel, based on the web pages that I tag in my Inoreader account.
  • Every feed folder and Bundle can be exported as OPML
  • Follow social accounts and search queries from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and VKontakte
  • Blazing-fast subscription management with batch mode
  • Advanced search – search within the scope of a feed, of a folder, among all of your own subscriptions or even among all subscriptions from all Inoreader users
  • Active Search – be notified by RSS or by notification when a stored search query renders a new result
  • Feed Bundles – create and share a group of feeds that others users can subscribe to
  • OPML reading list subscriptions – subscribe to a remotely hosted OPML file. When a new feed appears on the remote OPML file, that same feed will be added to your account.
  • Save web pages – store and tag any individual web page through browser extensions, bookmarklets and mobile sharing sheets
  • Mail2Tag – each Inoreader tag has its own incoming email address, to which you can send any article or document
  • Cross-platform reader, with native client apps for AndroidiOS and Windows Phone
  • Multi-lingual – Inoreader is available in more than 20 languages
  • Very active and responsive Inoreader user community
  • Outstanding customer support




Snapshot of the Inoreader IFTTT Channel


What can you do with the new Inoreader Channel on IFTTT?

Inoreader offers event Triggers and Actions that you can use to construct IFTTT Recipes. If IFTTT is all new to you, then check the IFTTT WTF page for detailed information.

Triggers fire when something happens in an IFTTT channel. Examples of Inoreader Triggers could be the event of articles being starred for reading later (manual), or the event that a new Active Search result has become available (automatic). IFTTT Actions are the consequence of such events. Examples of Inoreader Actions could be to subscribe to an RSS feed, or to save and tag an article.

Of course Inoreader’s capabilities really start to shine if you combine an Inoreader Trigger or Action with any of the 180+ available IFTTT Channels.

To get an idea of the possibilities, have a look at the 40+ ready-made Recipes created by the Inoreader team (click on the image to enlarge it):



Overview of ready-made Recipes for the Inoreader IFTTT Channel



Recipe that passes articles broadcasted in Inoreader on to Buffer

Recipe that passes articles broadcasted in Inoreader on to Buffer


small[1]  Inoreader Triggers

The following 12 Triggers are available on the Inoreader Channel in IFTTT. Click on the hyperlink for each  Trigger for an overview of related IFTTT Recipes and to see the list of Recipe Ingredients that you can choose from.

A detailed overview of all Inoreader Triggers is available in the Triggers section of the Inoreader Channel page.



Recipe that saves a YouTube video marked as "Watch Later" in Inoreader, with optional Tag.

Recipe that saves a YouTube video marked as “Watch Later” in Inoreader, with optional Tag.


  Inoreader Actions

The following 5 Actions are available on the Inoreader Channel in IFTTT. Click on the hyperlink for each Action for an overview of related IFTTT Recipes and to see the list of Recipe Ingredients that you can choose from.

A detailed overview of all Inoreader Actions is available in the Actions section of the Inoreader Channel page.


small[1]  Inoreader Ingredients

Every Inoreader Trigger and Action comes with its own set of Ingredients. Some Triggers and Actions have many Ingredients to choose from, some only a few. To see the list of Recipe Ingredients that you can choose from, go to the overview of Inoreader Triggers and Actions and click on the name of a Trigger or an Action. Some common Inoreader Ingredients are Subscription URL, Subscription RSS URL, Article Title, Tag Name and Folder Name.

As an example, these are the Recipe Ingredients for the Trigger “New starred article“:




Ingredients for the “New starred article” Trigger on the Inoreader IFTTT Channel


Why is the new Inoreader Channel on IFTTT so significant?

There are a few other feed readers that have a Channel of their own on IFTTT, notably the Feedly Channel and the NewsBlur Channel. There’s also a generic Feed Channel from IFTTT itself that solely functions as a Trigger – it offers no Actions. The Feed Channel Triggers let you create a Recipe based on a new feed item appearing in an RSS feed that you specify. Note that this Feed Channel does not allow you to create or add to an RSS feed.

Compared to these other IFTTT Channels, the Inoreader Channel stands out because of the broad variety and power of the available event triggers and actions.

As you can see from the sample recipes, Inoreader integrates with many popular services and platforms. The ones I personally like the most are the integrations with the IFTTT Channels from Buffer, Email Digest, Microsoft OneNote, Google Drive Spreadsheet, YouTube Watch Later and IFTTT’s relatively new Do Button for iOS.


Is there still anything to be desired in the Inoreader IFTTT channel?

The Inoreader IFTTT Channel is already very balanced. If anything, I’d suggest that every Trigger relating to articles, web pages, feeds or Bundles would allow optional filtering by custom keyword. A useful additional Inoreader Action could be to trigger a Push Notification in the Inoreader mobile apps, if that’s possible.



Inoreader IFTTT Channel

Inoreader Blog, @Inoreader on Twitter, Inoreader on Facebook

Inoreader Notebook – freely accessible OneNote notebook with tips, tricks and resources about Inoreader, compiled by yours truly.

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June 15th, 2015 at 3:52 pm