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Attractive Feed Widgets from MuseStorm: Publish, Share and Track

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Excellent news from Pete Cashmore on Mashable this morning. In his post MuseStorm Launches Widget Tracking he announces that MuseStorm has extended its feed widget arsenal in several dimensions: not only does it now offer various feed widgets both for the desktop and for websites, but it also offers detailed analytics to feed publishers.

The MuseStorm people themselves call their new service the MuseStorm Widget Syndication Service, as they proudly announced in yesterday’s blog post It’s alive! MuseStorm Widget Syndication Service launches.

Needless to say I signed up for the MuseStorm service straight away, following the feed configuration steps offered by the MuseStorm Flash wizard:


Within minutes I had produced a slick, animated-headlines version of the bookmarks that I keep in my RSSonate account:

Note that I resized the widget just to demonstrate that the feed widget can be widened. Several skins and other customizations are offered. Do you see the +sign in the bottom-left corner? It allows visitors of my site to copy the widget to their blog. You can also follow this link: RSSonate Feed Widget.

In addition to Google Gadget and Yahoo! Widget versions for the desktop, feed widget publishers can embed their code into any online web page. You don’t need access to your page templates: just embed the code into your sidebar or even in the body of a blog post.

Here’s a screenshot of the widget selector box:


Widget Analytics

The base MuseStorm service for publishing feed widgets is free. The Analytics module is charged at USD4 per feed per month, with the first two months free for all users. At this moment my own Analytics panel is rather boring because my panel wasn’t online until I published this post. As soon as people start clicking on any of the links inside the panel and the clickthrough numbers start showing up, I’ll upload another screenshot. This is what the MuseStorm Analytics Dashboard looks like:


And here’s a screenshot of the page where my dazzling metrics will appear:


For Developers

There is an extensive MuseStorm SDK section on the website for programmers who want to explore the MuseStorm API with its specific command set based on Javascript.

MuseStorm Roadmap

At this moment support for the Mac desktop is limited to the Yahoo! Widget. Mac Desktop is planned for release though, as well as support for mobile and IM widgets. Keep an eye on the MuseStorm blog, aptly titled Riding the Storm: it seems to me they’ve got some cool releases up their sleeves.


I don’t know how I could have missed the MuseStorm gamma while doing research for web-based RSS tickers, but for me this beats everything I’ve tried so far—both in features and pricing. Would you do me a favor and try out the widget? Click on the links inside it, see how easy you find it copy the widget to your own web site and then let me know if you think I should replace FeedBurner’s Headline Animator with the MuseStorm one.

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January 20th, 2007 at 12:31 am

Creating a River of News Feed with mySyndicaat

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Over the past few months you may have come across several mentions of mySyndicaat in CleverClogs blog posts and in the Grazr widgets that I use. In short mySyndicaat allows you to publish RSS feeds as one news stream, also referred to as ‘River of News’ feed, or a newspaper. Some feed readers have this feed digesting capability inside their service, some even allow to publish custom feeds. mySyndicaat lets you publish feed digests and a whole lot more.

As it was about time to brush up my secondary blog RSS Tool Vendors, I decided to devote a blog post to my love for mySyndicaat. I hope you like it. Here it is: Getting Started with River of News Feeds: mySyndicaat.

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December 12th, 2006 at 11:01 pm

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